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sold home grass.jpgGreeley Colorado Real Estate Marketing and surrounding areas.

Selling a home in today's market is tough.  With rampant foreclosures driving down prices and now the new short sale methods.  Both ways to assure you of lousy credit for years to come. 

In today's Greeley Colorado Real Estate market you need all the help you can get to market and sell your home in this climate.  It used to be that you could call your favorite agent.  They would come and stick a sign in the yard, put the home on the multiple listing service and maybe an ad in the local newspaper and the property would sell.  These days buyers are not looking in the newspaper for homes, but online.  There are many ways that you can sell your home as a for sale by owner and do a better job then half the agents out there.  If you want to sell your property on your own then great and good luck!  I would do the same if I wasn't an agent.

But should you decide you need help with marketing, contracts, negotiation and the whole process then call your favorite agent. 

sold house.jpgI would ask you to consider me as your agent though.  I would like you to compare my services to other agent's.  

What do I different then the average Realtor in Greeley Colorado and surrounding areas?  

I specialize in internet marketing.  Many agents will tell you that your home will be on the internet in the property search websites.  This is true, but there is more to internet marketing then that.   For example how did you arrive at this webpage?  You most likely searched something to the affect of real estate selling services or something like that?  Well that same principle is going to be put into use in selling your property.

I create a website just for your home.  For example if you live in Greeley Colorado at 316 50th Ave.  I will create a website possibly called http://www.316_50thavegreeleycolorado.com/.  This website will contain videos, links to virtual tours, pictures and information about your home.  What good does this do you?  Not much until someone searching for a property in your neighborhood gets on the internet.  I do what's called Search Engine Optomization to get your home found on the internet when buyers are searching.  If someone searches for home in Poudre River Ranch, Greeley CO and your home is in Poudre River ranch then the website of your home for sale should be in at least the top ten of internet search results on the internet within a couple of weeks of listing.  If it sells faster then that then great.

Here's an example.  Go to http://www.google.com/. Search for one or all of the following.  Northern Colorado farm for sale, colorado irrigated farm for sale,   Chances are in the top 2 or 3 results you will either find my website selling a 146 acre farm for sale www.lasallecoloradofarmforsalewcr43.infoOr you will find a blog of mine or another website that advertises this farm. 

While I know this is a farm and not a house I can do this with a house as well.   I got these search results without really even trying in a couple of weeks. 

Not many Greeley Colorado listing real estate agents are doing this at this time.  It may change in the future.  But if you want to newest ways to market your home working for you I urge you to consider this. 

How do you do this?  I do this with a mix of blogs, links from my main webpage to your Greeley Colorado home, the MLS, a video of your property. 

In addition to internet marketing I do the more traditional things you would expect such as entering the property into the multiple listing service, placing an ad in the local newspaper, providing a sign.   Setting up showings with other Realtors, taking care of all the contracts and legal aspects of selling your home.  

Oh there is another thing I do that is somewhat different the the usual realtor.  As you know most people have cell phones these days.  On each sign there will be a number a person can text to and in a matter of seconds they will receive on their phone the information about your listing.  Price, pictures, information.  All without leaving their car.  And without taking a brochure that will end up in some trashcan somewhere. 

But before we start the marketing and advertising of your home we consider the price.  All the marketing in the world can't sell an overpriced property.   I can deal with $3000-$5000 above market value, but if you want to price your home $20,000 higher then the market then it will never sell.   I do a free market analysis before we do any marketing of your home so you can see what the values of a property such as yours is.  What the costs are associated with selling your Greeley Colorado and area real estate.  This will also show how long it should take if priced correctly.  Pricing also is set by your motivation for selling. 

I also urge you to call other Greeley Colorado listing Realtors.  If they say they have a buyer for your home ask them to bring that buyer over right away.  If they do then go with that agent.  If not then please consider interviewing other agents for the job to sell your house.  Also if you get an agent that seems to want to list your home as high as you want then be cautious.  Later on that agent will most likely continue to ask you to lower the price.  If an agent promises to sell your house in 90 days or someother timeframe again beware.  Ask them what it is that they do that enables them to make this promise. 

I would like to develop a marketing plan for your Greeley Colorado property.  Marketing plans vary for different properties.  If you are considering selling your home please give me a call at 970-302-1233.  We can start by a free market analysis on your home.  Start by filling out the form at the end of this page. 

For more information about Greeley Colorado Real Estate visit my main website at

sold.jpgAlso I apply this same type of internet marketing for Northern Colorado farms and ranches.  You can visit my farm and ranch marketing site at http://www.northerncoloradofarmandranchmarketing.com/

Thank you very much for taking the time to read about my Greeley Colorado home selling services. 

Marc Oster


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